Monday, 7 July 2014


Hey Blogosphere!

Thought it is time I better blog about my camp adventures! For over a month now I have been living in the Woods on the East Coast of the USA. Back to basics. Literally.

We sleep in Glen Shelters with no electricity and screens instead of windows and walls - I love getting ready for bed by torch light - I'm sorry I think I mean 'flashlight'. A Glen Shelter where we recently found a mouse nests nestled up in the corner. It could be worse, a snake or a bat. I love a good snake. Nargini.

Toilets? What are they? I use a Biffy - Bathroom in the Forest For You. I guess it is like a toilet, in the middle of the woods, that doesn't flush. Instead all your business just sits in a massive pit at the bottom. Imagine that pit and the 30 + heat. Just imagine the lovely smell we are sometimes so kindly subjecting too... Although the Biffy sounds rank, I haven't really ever had an issue you with it. It saves water from the lack of flushing. Eco Warrior.

As you can imagine, living in such rustic conditions I have collected some lovely anecdotes. One of which I will share with you as I am super nice...

 Last night I went to the biffy for a biff (the verb) around 11.15pm last night - when the rest of camp was fast asleep. As I opened the bathroom door, I saw something chilling in the door frame. Just chilling without a care in the world.  Upon closer look I realized it was a huge snake, chilling like there was no tomorrow. I like to think of myself as somewhat of a snake herder, so I got out my snake herding stick and was ready to herd it back to the trees. Then do you know what happened? The snake, little Gretel, just vanished. I have a theory that it was secretly Voldermort.

Apart from adopting to the camp environment I have also adopted the camp look. Something I like to call 'Camp Vogue.' The only time you will see me without a bandana on is in the shower, I am constantly covered in paint and tie dye (#arts and crafts specialist) and I permanently wear a Sharpie around my neck - I love Sharpies so much. Sexy I know. I am so hawt that I have started my own label: Eeyore's House of Fashion - Bringing Vogue to Camp. Tie dye, Zumba Outfits, Shoes and I am currently working on a Buzz Lightyear like sleeve. Tie dye t-shirts are high in demand, I just don't have the time. As I am typing this my fingers are covered in dye having made at least 5 t-shirts for staff members this evening.

I hope this blog acts as I nice little documentation of camp life. I have so much more to say and not enough time as I have eaten too many sour patch kids that I feel a bit sick and I need to let some one else have an internet session.

Until next time,

xoxo Camper Girl

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