Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Standing in the rain looking out across the sea and thinking. I am living the clichéd life…

I wasn’t meant to blog again until after my exam on Friday, but blogging is so much more fun than how feminist social movements strategically use public space (which is actually really interesting). 

I was walking home via the sea front after a cheeky revision risotto with my friend Georgia. I was sentimental after realising that I will not see Georgia again until grad week 2 months way. No more Fajita Fridays, no more swimming and sauna sessions and no more running dates (I think we went three times before giving up! Achievement much?).   It was raining. I was wearing my raincoat, hood up (can’t remember the last time I looked so hot). I decided it would be a good idea to stand there on the prom for 40 minutes, in the rain, in my raincoat, and look across the Irish Sea to the horizon (unfortunately, I could not see Ireland) and get lost in my own deep thoughts.

My intense thinking session and me time, led me to discover some realisations about my time left at Uni, this is what I realised:

1)    Tomorrow will be my penultimate day in the library; pretty much spent every day there over the last year.

2)      Tomorrow will also be the penultimate time I buy a Starbucks from the Union for my afternoon caffeine fix. (Red haired Starbucks guy from today this is me mentioning you, now read my blog, it will change your life).

3)      It will no longer be acceptable to go to the Spar in my pink Cheshire Cat like thermal pyjamas when I am back home.

4)      Cheesecake will no longer be an acceptable dinner.

5)      And lastly, and most sadly, I won’t see my friends nearly every day. I won’t be able to pop around their house in my pyjamas. We won’t be able to get drunk and get the groove on in the two most fabulous night clubs ever.

NB: Imagine me walking through town in my PJs looking like Cheshire Cat. Creaser. (Shropshire lingo for something that is funny – you learn so much at Uni).

I basically realised that my life at Uni is actually going to end really soon. So what had I really learnt after three years (non-geography related). After some more standing in the rain and getting wet, I decided the following are some of the valuable life lessons I have learnt during my three years:

1)     Don’t care what people think about you. If they don’t like you it is their problem not yours. I used to pretend to live by this in school, but I really didn’t due to certain individuals. But now I really don’t just care. Yeah, I am the crazy girl who talks too loudly and constantly says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Who cares? Not me.

2)      Allow (urban for forget) patronising people and people who act like they are better than everyone else. If someone gets kicks out of belittling others, they are not worth your time of day/night/energy. Put them in their place. Tell them to put a sock in it.  

3)      Everyone should be nicer to each other. Banter is just being used as an excuse to get away with saying outrageous things. I am the first admit that I have fallen into this trap, and am constantly being mean to my friend Tomford, in the name of banter.  Why has this become the norm in friendship? Why can’t we just hold hands and skip? Bake cakes, play with rainbows or pretend to be fairies?

There are probably more life lessons I have learnt, I just haven’t discovered them yet. Maybe I will discover them when I am out in the big bad world.

Insightful finish: Everything is geography and geography is everything.

(The font I have used for this post is called 'Georgia' in honour of my awesome friend). 

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  1. I can see a pattern emerging here with the insightful Geography endings to these posts