Monday, 13 May 2013

What do I know about life?

Disclaimer: Apologies for the poor spelling, I am slightly dyslexic.

The name of this blog ‘Life According to Ruch’ came about whilst having a cheeky bevvy in an Irish pub with my lecturers in Midtown Manhattan in March 2012 (we were on a field trip). I asked a lecturer what he thought I was doing my dissertation on (what a fun game). His response, though I can’t remember the oh so wonderful title he guessed, was something along the lines of ‘Life according to Ruch’ with a bit of feminism and something else thrown in for good measure. He inspired me that day; the light bulb went off in my head, even in my somewhat intoxicated state. ‘Life according to Ruch’ stuck with me from then on. There was something about it that just caught my attention. It was a catchy title; it had success written all over it. And, now I have finally found a way to create it. Though originally (this was yesterday) I thought it would be a book, I thought a blog would be more suited for starting off with. This way, if no one reads it doesn't really matter. And anyway does anyone really care what I have to say about life? 

So, I decided to create this little idea yesterday whilst in the library as a form of procrastination. If ‘Life According to Ruch’ would be a book this would have been the first paragraph:

 ‘At this present moment in time, at 11.58pm on the 12th of May 2013, I am sat in the Law Library of Hugh Owen Library at Aberystwyth University. Me writing this is a form of procrastination from revising for my last ever exam for my undergraduate degree. The module is called Territory, Knowledge and Power, though I think it should be called ‘A Homage to Foucault’ – because that is exactly what it is. So instead of reading about US state borders, I am going to compile a list of the top five things that annoy me passionately and things that don’t, so you can gain a general understanding of the type of person I am…’

What a beautiful start to what would have been a best-selling book. Instead of stating things that annoy me and things that don’t, I am going to start by listing the things that I know about life.

What I know about life:

1)     I am 21 (22 in 6 months and 6 days).

2)      On Friday 17th May 2013, I have my last exam of my undergrad degree.

3)      I will hopefully graduate with a BA in Human Geography in July.

4)      I have no job/grad scheme/internship lined up for when I graduate.

5)      I will be moving back in with my parents, little sister and grandma.

6)      I spent three years doing a degree because I wanted to and not because it would make me more employable.

7)      I don’t know what I want to do as a career. Do I need a career?

8)      I have been in the education system since I was four, I will hopefully be leaving it in July. I am looking forward to this for two reasons:

i)                    I have had enough of institutionalised education.

ii)                   I look forward to learning through living my life.

9)      I want to travel. Now is the time as I have no one depending on me.

10)   I currently have the best life ambition ever: to travel to Fiji and stand with one foot on either side of the International Date Line, so I can be in two different days at the same time.

As you can see, I have my life all mapped at for me and will be on 40k within 5 years and own a lovely house in West London with my big shot city lawyer husband and our two children by the time I am 35.

I kid. My current life plan extends to 14th of August when I return from three weeks of inter-railing (mind I have nothing to do in June). Thus, I have decided to document my journey from university into the real world via this blog, whilst commenting on life through the perspective of a feminist urban dwelling human geographer.

Final comment, with no relevance to anything in this post: Whilst creating my blog page, Google asked me what my gender was. I refused to answer. Google refused to let me continue. This annoyed me for two reasons:

1)      Gender is a social construction.

2)      Why does Google care what my sex is? 

Geography is all around you. 

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  1. Best final comment everrrrr! I don't need a google to define me. :)