Thursday, 18 July 2013


So I know I haven't blogged in forever as I have been busy enjoying the sun and what not. However, I am now in Berlin - day 2 of 3 weeks interailing through Eastern Europe. And so I was thinking my blog will temporarily become a travel blog, documenting the things I do and the things I learn about life on my glorious European Adventure...

This post is entitled '#geographers on tour' for 2 simple reasons. 1) I dislike #ing on any other media form but twitter...this is my attempt at irony. 2) We are geographers and we are on a tour of Europe.
A nice and simple explanation by a simpleton.

So during my first day this is what I have learnt about travelling/life/stuff:
1) Prudent packing can be achieved by those with a terrible case of over-packing syndrome.
2) Early morning flights are not fun,  regardless of how much cheaper they may be.
3) I am thankful that my skin tolerates the sun to a significant amount.  4) Bike tours are always more fun than walking ones - just imagine all the fun you can have riding a bike through a European city and singing songs from The Sound of Music -a hybrid of Victoria Pendleton and Maria can be achieved.

Here is just a selection of important life lessons I have learnt during the short time I have been on the continent. Make sure you keep a look out for my future blog posts to find out what is going down in Europe!

Love EuroRuch xx

Amy Lockwood: Earplugs are  gods gift to the world.
Hannah White: Beers should only be drunk in litres!

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