Friday, 26 July 2013

What not to do when inter-railing...

As it is our last day as a foursome (Han and Amy head home and Jess and I make our way down to Croatia) I thought I would blog - though I am mainly
blogging because we are a tad to hungover to move. This post is on what not to do when inter-railing.

1) Send an 'I love Berlin' postcard from the Aushwitz post office.
2) Insist you have lost your bumbag with all your money init but then find it in your bag the third time you search through it.
3) Leave your pyjamas in Prague.
4) Leave your inter-rail pass on the train.
5) Ask what is veggie on the menu - the waiter will just suggest: fish, chicken, apple pie and fish.
6) Trying to use the Birth of the Royal Baby as a legit reason that you deserve a discount.
7) Eat paneer in Prague.
8) Get on the tram before working out what direction you want to go in.
9) Spend all your change so you have to beg in the metro station.
10) Include Sofia in your route.  They will start protesting and you will have to find an alternative way to get to Croatia.
11) Do shisha with some Norwigeon men and end up puking in the streets of Budapest.

Unfortunately all of these things have happened to us. They may not be ideal situations but they have been entertaining.

Love EuroRuch xxx

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